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Beautiful in Imperfection.


In life, there will always be someone telling you that you’re not good enough. There will be ruthless people with zero mercy on your imperfections. But the funny thing is, you are MORE THAN ENOUGH. In your flaws, in your regrets, in your weakness, in your brokenness, you are exactly where God wants to be, because then he can mold you into a person who has the strength to change the world. And that my friend, matters more than anything else.

Summer 2015//Part 1

I admit, this hasn’t been one of those summers that blows every other summer out the door. But I can honestly say, it has been good and God has been faithful. And if its okay with you, I would love to share some of the moments that made me stop in my tracks and realize how blessed I really am. I’ll be posting different adventures in the next few weeks, but for now here’s Part One.

 I was completely blown away and honored when I was asked to sing the national anthem at our local Fourth of July Celebration. I spent months preparing and practicing until my entire family wanted to tear their hair out whenever they heard “…and the rockets’ red glare” over and over again. But it was such a dream come true and I thank God for the great opportunity.


I love spending the evening celebrating with family and friends, I’m pretty sure I could never live without these people!


He doesn’t like socializing with people, so an event like this with thousands of people makes him want to sit comfortably on his red chair without even a hint of a smile. Here Rylan, let me smile for you…. 🙂


When one must wait hours for a fireworks show, one must always bring books to read.




PEOPLE the man’s off his red chair…and wearing a Frisbee..!?


When I was a kid, these people were my best friends yet the most annoying humans at the same time. Or in simpler terms, they are my cousins. 🙂




“Hey, girl, you are so much fun and way to awesome” -Lori’s thoughts about Lisa.




AHH…the moments almost here…do you think its to late to run? 


Moooommm….looookk….I’m pretending to be a big girl and singing the national anthem in public! Do I get candy? Huh? Huh?


This picture is a liar!! I look calm.. but I’m all in knots on the inside. Right after this picture was shot, I went into the building, found a corner and had a freaking out moment


(Photo credit: Sharon)


Every year, as the fireworks light up the sky, my heart swells in pride that God gave our founding fathers the strength to fight for our freedom, because without their courage and faith in God, we wouldn’t have the right to worship our God or speak of His wonders freely. I am grateful.




My country, tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, Of thee I sing;….


…Land where my fathers died, Land of the pilgrims’ pride,


This girl right here, she inspires me SO much. Her song shook my soul.


God Bless America, xoxo, Lori

Florida 2015


Even though some mornings the temperature peaked at 36 degrees, and most of the vacation was unusually chilly, twas still a relaxing one, inspiring me creatively. Here are some of my favorite moments of our Florida trip.

This is the place we called home for two weeks.


The first morning was spent praying, reading God’s word, and diving into the most interesting conversations. The moment was lovely.


Oh baby, bring on the beach!


When I noticed sand violently flying in all directions, I thought my best girl was finally digging her own grave. However, she insisted she was simply pretending to be a child again. Of course, I couldn’t let her be a child alone, so we dug until we had no more digger spirit left in our bones, and buried ourselves alive, laughing and giggling the whole way.


Jet Skiing was a cold, rough feat, but it was still a good time!


We couldn’t resist hiring this taxi man. Not only did he kindly drive us, he provided a free comedy show. The man was the definition of hilarity.              


I was beyond excited to finally meet Galyah after almost 9 years of writing back and forth. She has such a good soul.


 These two cuties kept our trip young and alive. They got into fights a time or two, and sometimes one might have been violently hugging the one whilst the other was attempting to break free, but in the end, they couldn’t do without each other.


This is the place I tried alligator meat. It was like tough, gutty chicken. Me thinks, never again. 

<Just a side note, this place has the most amazing fish, if  you get a chance you must try it!>




She makes me happy!


This place….THE BEST!


There was this one night that they dressed up all fancy and rented a limousine.



These photos are always the most interesting….so much drama:):)










Okay, I have to admit, the 2014 sunsets were by far my favorite. There was one evening that it was absolute perfection,I have to share it with you! Here was my favorite sunset of all time. 2014 sunset baby, not even 2015 sunsets could top it!                  2015-03-16_0034



There ya be folks! I do love my Florida!